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This Decorative Book Stack is a perfect addition to your coffee table, it brings accent to any room. 

Its Exquisite Appearance is filled with artistic atmosphere. Add this Decorative Book for a NEW look on a bookshelf, coffee table, mantle, tray, basket, night stands, entryways etc. It will surely catch everyone's attention. 


Because all our products are carefully Handcrafted and Exclusively Designed to be Unique and Long Lasting, every item comes in its Own Design and Theme. Every Material Combination is used ONLY ONCE in order to provide Uniqueness and Exclusivity to our clients. No copies, reproduction nor duplicated will be created to maintain The Exclusivity of our Designs owned by our every buyer and collector.

Decorative Stack of Books

Since our Christmas Decor items are mostly Custom Made Tailored to the client's theme, please contact us to place order.
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